No-Riichi Japanese Mahjong pt1

I decided to play some games with a limit placed on me, I wasn’t allowed to riichi.

[04/10] 再生 Asomu(-1) (∵)ex(-11) 快清(+36) すここんち(-24)
[04/10] 再生 Asomu(+3) 酒達磨(-13) あん、らめぇぇ!(+31) daljyyy(-21)
[04/11] 再生 Asomu(-21) 哀☆戦士(+34) NoName(-15) ルドルフ皇帝(+2)
[04/11] 再生 Asomu(-28) ahopon(-2) NoName(-16) Gimite(+46)

I’ll play some more games later and add even more limits, just for fun.

One thought on “No-Riichi Japanese Mahjong pt1

  1. This is the best way to avoid getting into hell waits and dead waits. Not that Riichi itself is bad but games like Tenhou make it so easy to riichi at the wrong time.

    ::button pops up::

    Ooh, shiny! CLICK. Uhh.. what was my wait again?

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