Last week along with osamu’s post I decided to start playing 3p with my 4p account on 0000, aiming to reach 1800+

Some of the highlights of yesterday’s session – I played late into the morning, resulting in at least one messed-up game that I will talk about later.


Off to an excellent start. I haven’t even seen a score that high ever.


The eternal dilemma.


7m, I choose you!


[00:46] <@randomAnon> its like i was really in one of those sombreros movies
[00:47] <@mouikkai> oh fuck
[00:47] <@mouikkai> fuck
[00:47] <@mouikkai> fuck
[00:47] <@mouikkai> fuck
[00:47] <@randomAnon> wat
[00:47] <@mouikkai> i had to make a 50-50 choice and picked wrong
[00:47] <@randomAnon> are you playing sum Who wants to be a millionaire?
[00:47] * @TRA phone a friend

But I do get my fair share of good games too.


High score =V


woa I think u clicked da wrong button bro


But he dealt into me the whole match. I was more shocked than he was.


Mou in a pinch.


Fairly certain I played it wrong but ah well.


He instantly rage quit after that.

fin Hmm. Well that was over faster than expected. I was expecting some kind of end boss to show up and demand I bet my blood. Now what?

6 thoughts to “MOU IKKAI!”

  1. You should include more technical details; tough discards, insight into the opponents’ minds which helped you win, the workings of a good Mahjong player, even in such strict time limits as Tenhou.

    That would be a blog of the gods.

    1. I am not confident enough in my abilities to provide authoritative commentary or theory. Win a couple of games? Sure. Go on a good run sometimes? Maybe. But there are a lot more people way better than me, and trying to actually give advice or comment on situations would just make me look stupid. I can recount situations I have experienced where things went horribly wrong, of course, but for specific advice relating to every situation, well, that’s something for players who are actually good.

  2. It’s the caplocks in the name that makes you lose, since you read that while playing and start losing your balance.
    there’s nothing more phragile than a genius losing his balance. not that you’re a genius or anything, but oh well.
    Change to a more simple and fashionable Mouikkai and you’ll start ron’ing the shit out of them 11Dans

  3. How about posting your 4-player stats? Getting higher numbers with 3-player is too easy.

    Come up here to 2-dan+ in the upper-level 4-player han-chan games. We’ll be waiting to eat you alive.

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