Mahjong tatcis, part 2

I didn’t make a mistake in spelling “tactics,” actually. No, this is a follow-up post on this post, where some real useful information could be found.

So, I found the forum where the original thread was posted, and to my delight saw that the original poster had updated with some tactics for how to prepare for a mahjong game. Something we all could have use for, I’m sure.

Original thread here.

9 thoughts on “Mahjong tatcis, part 2

  1. I love how this guy treats mahjong like some mystical game, and himself like the savior who has discovered its basics and shares them with the rest of the uneducated masses, in lieu of an actual guide in English written by someone who does not admit to being a “total noob”.

  2. Wow, I can’t wait for my next Mahjong game so I can start using my eye’s ‘white stuff’. My friends won’t see it coming, they still think that you can only see out of the pupil.

  3. Know of any good sic-fic or drama that will help me get better at Mahjong?

    All I learned from Hana Yori Dango is that you can chombo ron if you know the opponent will ragequit before looking at your hand.

  4. MazuiKeiki you can watch akagi the very first episode says the very basics of rules but after that there is not much to learn (except that you shouldn’t try to win every round). To REALLY learn something in mahjong you need to memorize some defensive patterns , and watch your own replays and of course play a LOT. At least thats what helped me to improve. (also it’s not a bad idea to improve your memory so you can tell that where did a type of discards come from ppl’s hand, etc etc) As for the tatcis, well i want to learn the secret white eyes technique and then i could see all the TILESSSSSSSS.

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