Mahjong rules card v1.282

Changed responsibility to liability.
Corrected spelling of ‘bankruptcy’.
Added version without gambling section.

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4 thoughts on “Mahjong rules card v1.282

      1. I was thinking about some more optional rules or yaku.
        Wareme, Double Yakuman, Triple Ron…

        Yaku like Renhô, San Ren Kô, Shii San Puta, Dai Sharin…

        Truth to be told, I think what you did is perfect, in fact, some of these rules or yaku are seldom used…

        1. Double yakuman is on there. Triple ron is covered by head bump (頭跳ね).
          Wareme is interesting. Could probably just write on the rule card if the players are playing it, rather than have another row taken up.
          With rare yaku, I don’t really think they deserve a row.
          I was thinking of adding S, W, N on the edges of the paper.
          But I don’t know if that will look terrible or not.
          Besides, you should know your seat position when you’re playing anyway.
          Same with dragon order.

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