List of Online Japanese Mahjong Clients

I’ve decided to list some Online Mahjong Clients as well as English guides for them if one exists.

Client Guide
Tenhou|天鳳 Tenhou Documentation
Ron2|ロン2 ReachMahjong
Kinma Mahjong Online Battle|近代麻雀オンラインバトル

I’ll probably make this more detailed, with pictures and stuff, later. I’ve also left some out (hangame and 777town) because they aren’t mainly mahjong.

4 thoughts on “List of Online Japanese Mahjong Clients

  1. Thanks for the list, I’ll definitely look through that some time! I’ve been playing tenhou so far and got annoyed by the economy-version you have to switch to after a while. There must be some alternative to this.

    Also, I’ve recently started a small collection myself (, maybe we can share some links.

  2. Thanks I knew they were out there cuz they have go clients just didnt noe where to look. ( all i could ever find was mahjong time )

  3. I know these posts above mine are over 3 years old, but just for those people who are still reading this awesome blog: Mahjong Tengokuhai for the iOS is amazing. It has a seemingly huge community as well.

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