Kindai Mahjong Original Cup

Last time I played in a Tenhou CHAMPIONSHIP was a long time ago but last week I played in the Kinma Ori cup because UmaiKeiki asked me to (also because I think winning a picture of Washizu signed by Washizu’s mangaka would be awesome)

I was gonna post some interesting stuff from the games but I just noticed the client only displays the last 40 games and I’ve played around 50 games since then. Whoops!

But I did manage to screenshot one extremely lucky tsumo.

Oorasu, I’m 7200 points behind 1st so I need to riichi tsumo or something.


Next Kinma Original Cup is in about 20 days so that’ll most likely be the next tournament I play in, I might even play in one of the Tenhou Saikyosen qualifying rounds depending on the prize and price.

2 thoughts on “Kindai Mahjong Original Cup

  1. So pro. Playing as 新人so the other players don’t see it coming? Haha.

    Still, I envy you so much for being premium and taking part into tournaments and or championships.

    Good luck on your future games, and may the flow be with you.

    (No, I’m not stoned, mind you. Just quite possitive as of lately)

  2. I’m not very good so I’m sure they saw it coming. I should have mentioned there’s many 鳳凰 players who participate in these tournaments if you want a chance to play them.

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