/jp/ userscript for mahjong font

This is pretty cool so I’m breaking radio silence to post it. Anonymous delivers again with a userscript to display a mahjong tile font using UTF-8 on /jp/ (or your site of choice, should you choose to enable it elsewhere). This should herald a golden age of in-depth mahjong discussion where one guy posts a hand and nothing else, and no one else cares. Or maybe not.

Just thought I’d blag about it so it doesn’t get lost somewhere. It’s been installed 60+ times at the time of this writing, and the thread isn’t even dead yet.

Here are the links for anyone late to the party:





赤 is red and 右 is to indicate a rotated called tile, or, well, just to have all your mahjong tiles displayed sideways.

Other somewhat interesting posts:

Cheer up old chap, it’s not that bad.
As long as they don’t struggle too much.
I hope I don’t find myself having to quit mahjong in the near future, it sounds rather torturous.

Actually the current 3p leader is none other than yours truly. Please stop reminding me I have no skill, sometimes all we need is a game of pretend ;_;

I am 9级 and what is this? Somehow I doubt he could find his own bottom with both hands.

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