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  1. >Free charge if you do sparrows pearls, please click on the free charge pearl sparrow.

    >※ Free of charge and pearl sparrow, sparrow pearls or less constant ownership of the player, how to charge it for free.

    Fuck I wish I knew Jap.

  2. Tor let me register an account, but I can’t initiate the actual game (the red, circular button I mean).

    Any advice for a Mahjongophile out of water?

  3. Independent Observer: Pearls seem to be the thing you need to buy accessories like rings for you hands.

    I don’t think you are able to use a proxy to play, when I try it’s failing to connect to their router server or something.

    I hope someone e-mails PlayNC JP about this.

  4. I think you may be right Osamu, I tried quite a couple. Even if it did work, it’d be embarassingly slow and tedious. Thanks anyway.

  5. Well the site only loads for me when I use a Japanese proxy, so they’re probably trying to block baka gaijin, in which case you’ll have to use something like freecap to hook the traffic from the program and send it through a SOCKS proxy.

  6. I managed to get to launcher (with tor, but using ie not ff), and to install +update everything, but after that i cant connect (probably because tor doesn’t apply to janryumon program which is on HD). If I read correctly it is open-beta, so that’s probably why its not available for ppl outside Japan.

  7. It isn’t actually banning of non-japanese ips (I think), there are a few people outside of japan who can connect to it so it might be just that the server has a bad routing or whatever. Also it isn’t just Janryumon’s site, I can’t connect to anything related to PlayNC’s JP sites (www.plaync.jp and http://www.ncjapan.co.jp) I would e-mail them but can’t find any sort of information that doesn’t lead to one of those sites.

  8. Tried putting the IP of a Japanese proxy server in my Internet LAN proxy settings, but no luck. Any ideas?

  9. Has anyone made any progress?

    I can’t access the site either – without a proxy that is – but I was able to access it through the internet at my school and luckily from one of my friends computer. I can use a proxy to get to the main page, but the registration doesn’t work. I tried installing the JanRyuMon program by getting the exe from my friends PC – but that didn’t work either. I really want to be able to play at this site and don’t want to go to my friends place everytime to do so!

    If contacting PlayNC will solve the problem, I’d be glad to do it but I doubt my Japanese will be enough. Could someone with more fluent in Japanese contact them?

    My impression of the site was great. It was a lot better than I expected. I especially liked the fact that the PC reads out the han values of the hand, and the animations for limit hands are awesome! And finally the animations of drawing a tile after you riichi are my favourite. It feels just like the real thing!

  10. It seems that the site blocks non jap ip-s but sometimes it just randomly allows some ppl. As for the game, for registering and downloading there is a 2nd filter and all non jap-s are blocked. This is a sad day, for every non jap mahjong fans. I was just amazed that something like MJ4 actually came out to pc but yea we wont get any of it , as it seems so.

  11. Ohh i would be grateful for it because I’m interested in this kind of “flashy” mahjong game. And also keep up the good work really like the blog :) (the post on how to defend helped me a lot).

  12. This works for me by the way, I´ve been using it for a few days and stumbled upon this article. I had no problems accessing the site and no problems with starting the program and playing. My friend also started this today and he had no problems either…Except we hade to use internet explorer.

    As far as the points thing go. It takes points from your account when you play that you need to charge, but there is a button for it (so no payment required). It charges 7000 points and when your points drop below 4999 you need to recharge. When this happens, just click the button (in your account on the plaync shop).

    As for a Finnish aquintance of mine, well, it didn´t load for him.

  13. Not really banning Japanese IPs, for I can enter. However, my IP isn’t really all conventional anyhow, so I wouldn’t strive to be the example.

    Anyways, I could register and play without any trouble. It’s actually a great server to play on. Even with my 256mb of RAM, it runs smoothly. Not as smoothly as Tenhou would perhaps, but this does have a lot of additions such as the hands, the glow and the lightnings. It’s a perfectly portable MJ for the most part.

    Only trouble, as usual, people who think they are Naki no Ryu and call every tile even when they stop multiplying. Only came accross two, but still. As I go up in ranking they’ll probably won’t be a problem.

    Thanks so much. This became my favorite server thus far (besides Tenhou, but I don’t really have a credit card to keep it up for longer than the trial version every time). I was then looking for a mahjong server that’s free, without any troubles and where I feel comfortable.

    Osamu’s blog has brought to me only great things. Kudos for the posters.

  14. Ah, Osamu, thank you very much. I should have realized this, I can read and write Japanese without any trouble whatsoever, but my computer isn’t displaying Japanese characters on software, only on websites. Moreso, my asian IME is working only for Chinese. So I’m stuck with NJ Star Com, which really doesn’t let me read and write on software.

    I like both, Tenhou and Janryumon very much, and I appreciate your help. I’m quite fresh new to “online” Mahjong, even though I play quite often offline. I’m becoming very fond of playing online, though. I’ll be seeing you around then. Good day~

  15. My husband and I both play Mah Jong and our friend who is studying in China likes to play too and he introduced us to this site.

    Turns out you have to set your computer to operate in Japanese for it to work. It’s usually not a problem even for those who can’t read Japanese because most things will come up in English anyway, except for maybe iTunes and a couple of other programs’ dialogue boxes.

    If you’re running Vista or 7, go to your control panel, regional and language settings, click the Administrative tab, and change your System Locale to Japan. It helps to have the IME active as well so you can type in Japanese.

    For some reason, Japan doesn’t like any browser but IE, so if you’re using Firefox, Chrome, or any other freeware browser, you’ll have to suck it up and use IE for this. Make sure you have a version later than 6. If you’re on a Mac without a windows partition, you’re screwed as far as this game goes.

    Make sure you allow it to install everything it needs and always launch from the IE window at the big red button (after you log in, of course). Hope that helps!

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