Janryumon Guide – How to play, general layout etc

If you can’t connect to the site you’ll need a program called Proxycap (if there’s a free alternative please do tell) and a SOCKS5 proxy.

Proxycap Setup:
Edit You also have to use IE.

Once installed add a proxy:


Replace localhost and the port with yours.

Then you need to add a rule:


Note that using the settings in the picture will make all programs use the proxy. Making a rule for iexplore.exe and JanRyuMon.exe should work if you don’t want other programs using the proxy.



Left tile: Private game
Middle: ranked
right: CPU game, tutorial

Chat options:
Top: Room chat
Middle: Private
Bottom: Global (3 times a day?)



Z: Autowin

X: Tsumokiri

C: Autocall List

V: Autopass

B: Autosort

Right clicking tiles brings the autocall option as seen in the picture.

Thanks goes to Necrosis for telling me about Prozycap

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  1. >I got HotSpot and it works perfectly but for some strange reason I can’t log in the janryumon site anymore

    Gorgils, I got the same problem. Can anyone help us?

  2. Maybe make sure all your friends are in the same lobby before giving them the room’s code?
    Janryuu sents you to a lobby at random at the time you log in. That’s why you see the Japanese guys going “1234 @2”

    Enter the lobby/server number 2, and type in the code 1234.

    (I actually thought it sent you to the proper server automatically, but oh well)

  3. If you cannot login anymore, switch to Packetix, with Packetix works again (some messing with the *** activex). Also they added in the launcher resumable downloads! So if downloading stops you could just resume it and you continue without redownloading the whole file. Takes a long time to download Janryumon 2, so take a (really) big cup of cofee and spend some time on newgrounds and youtube, while you resume the update (in my friend’s PC takes like 4 hours more or less, remember you are using a proxy). If for some reason a file gets stuck and resuming doesn’t work, go to the installation folder of Janryumon and delete it. After that continue updating. Oh, and happy playing!

  4. I switched back to packetix after struggling with hotspot and got it to work but now my games suffer from random dropouts. I have to start the game again from the website and by then I’ve usually dealt into a big hand. Is there any reason or advice how to counter this?

    Ie 8
    Packetix VPN
    Windows 7

  5. The thing is that I use the same ISP in two different cities, and in one I can get the game up and running without troubles, in the other city not. Has anyone more information about that ?

  6. We could try that indeed, but I don´t have much faith. There is a high chance that a response like “We only offer our service for japan” will return, but its worth a shot. Do we have an address , unfortunately I can´t even reach http://www.plaync.jp/ ;-)

  7. I used to be unable to log into Janryumon without setting up a VPN, but now it works completely fine. I have no idea why this happened for me, but if you couldn’t log in in the past, maybe give it a shot now and see what happens.

  8. >Please help I tried to install activeX but can’t install it and it says this
    >if anyone can solve it I’ll be grateful because I want to play it so bad…. thx

    I’ve had the same problem.
    The message says, that the plugin was installed successfully, even though it didn’t.
    If you have Internet Explorer 9 downgrade it back to IE8. It just won’t work with IE9.

  9. I’m finding that a combination of PacketiX and Hotspot shield is needed now. Hotspot shield has an issue with logging in with the activeX, so you need to use PacketiX to log in. Then while logged in switch to Hotspot shield, which allows you to start the game. :)

  10. Ha, bumping. Just wanting to say you’ll have to use Internet Explorer 32bit version instead of the 64bit version. Or else ActiveX won’t activate.

  11. Since Jan Ryu Mon 3 is now release would there be any helpful updated guides out there, the connection issue seems to have been solved, at least for me

  12. So is Janryumon no longer region-locked? I was able to download the client and start playing today after not even being able to access PlayNC’s Japanese site for the longest time.

  13. Does anyone familiar with the current version of the site and software know how to change the in-game avatar from the guy in his boxers with a bag on his head to something else? I’ve looked all over the NCSoft site and within the game UI and can’t find a thing.

    Good work on this site, by the way. Useful stuff for riichi mahjong newcomers like myself to get up to speed.

    1. Go to Janryumon’s website. Log in to the site. Click on “My Avatar”, click on “Shop”, buy a free item or a pearl item, click on Edit Avatar. Edit your avatar. Click on save. Done.

      You can get a nice feel on your character for free, and with event items.

      http://i.imgur.com/W6P5Y.jpg <- My avatar was built with only free items. (Though my ingame character, the hand, has a few paid items)

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I must be doing something wrong, however, as I cannot find this “My Avatar” link on the Janryumon homepage. There is a “My Profile” link there, but that just takes me to an account page with no hint of anything relating to the in-game avatar.

        This is what I’m seeing on the homepage: http://i.imgur.com/6GtX8.jpg

        Is there a direct URL to this page?
        Thanks in advance. (Man, they like to make things difficult.)

        1. That image says “use internet explorer”. You don’t need to know japanese to understand that. But I have the same problem! How do we change avatar?
          I clicked lots of stuff before asking, I promise! :s

          1. Yes, it does say “Use Internet Explorer”. I can’t be arsed to boot into Windows 7 with BootCamp just to take a screenshot, when it makes no difference to the avatar conundrum whether I’m in OS X.8 or Win7 or not.

            Though I’m wondering whether it has something to do with the Shin Janryumon update coming this week, as I haven’t been able to find the limited use “replay recording disc” that’s mentioned in one of the later comment replies on this post http://komidol.imouto.org/2010/12/24/komidol-a-guide-on-how-to-play-and-install-janryumon/ in the Shop either.

        2. Ugh, the new site. I forgot about that.
          The new layout is fucked up. Can’t find anything there, and I have been looking around for a while. The FAQ is not updated to reflect the new layout of the site, either, so it just says the same thing I told you before.

          Maybe there will be a revamp of the whole thing or something. You can only wait.

          1. Yeah, I’m expecting the big revamp to come with Shin Janryumon on Tuesday, since I was looking at some of the preview pages (http://event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/janryumon/1211newJanryumon/ – in particular the fifth page) and they seem to imply a big revamp of everything including customisation.

            In all honesty though, it’s not a huge problem if the customisations are changed completely, more of a novelty anyway. The only thing that does bother me is the lack of replay saving. A few times I’ve wanted to save some games for later viewing/recording, and have been unable to since the item you apparently need to unlock it with is not in the shop.

            Thanks for the help anyway.

  14. Do I understand correctly that you need to buy credits at JRM to be able to play with other players through matchmaking? And, unfortunately, they do not seem to accept any non-japanese credit cards. All my cards are not accepted, whereas other options requires some complicated registration at Japanese virtual currency websites. Do you have any hits how to add credits from outside Japan?

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