Since upload.youtube.com is failing to load for me, I’ll post this here.

This video is from a DVD that came with Kindai Mahjong Gold, it’s a series of documentaries on Sakurai Shouichi or something, it’s four people (not Shouichi) playing Jankiryu. I’ve only uploaded the first round, but if theres interest I might upload some more.

9 thoughts on “Jankiryu

  1. They do normally play that fast. The average time for a Jankiryuu hanchan is less than 15 minutes.

    They’re not pros, they just play using, shall we say, different rules.

    General overview of jankikai rules:

    1) No discarding honor on first discard
    2) No defense (with exceptions, see #4)
    3) No discarding dora unless you’re tenpai
    4) After South 2 round, if you are not in first you may not make any play that causes the number of players over genten (30,000) to go down, including you if you are over 30,000. This may mean that you have to pass up a win.
    5) No thinking. Draw and discard immediately.
    5) There are other rules but those are the main 5. There’s an SNES rom out there for people who are interested in trying it themselves. Try searching for sakurai shoichi.

  2. I also remember some pointers on “aiming on the long term ideal,” “no hikakke riichi,” and “aim for a tsumo.” And such.

    It’s quite impressive. I wanna see more.

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