It’s Like I’m really Hisa

Just played a 3p game with a friend and Naritori in L7447 I decided to go for bad waits like Hisa from Saki. Here’s the result:


Tenpai waiting for 4p7p.


tenpai for 6p9p (furiten though) or 4z


Riichi, Tanki wait for the last 4z killing a possible wait on 1s4s7s wait (Again, furiten)


Riichi ippatsu tsumo dora dora


4 thoughts to “It’s Like I’m really Hisa”

  1. Except, the Pei in a 3P game isn’t a bad wait at all, even when there’s only one that hasn’t been declared yet. If someone attempts Kita, you get to Ron them. It’s more of a blind spot than holding in a risky tile.

  2. After I watched that episode I played some mahjong and got scraped through some bad luck near the end with 2 consecutive big wins on “devil’s waits” :D 同感!

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