Grilled Chicken and Flowers

Tsuno has recently added a new, optional, rule for Tenhou CHAMPIONSHIPS, ‘shuugi’, which I’m sure a lot of ‘PUROS’ will jeer at. Shuugi rewards players for luck. Basically, for every ippatsu, aka dora and ura dora you get a bonus point. You get points for tsumo, ron and for getting yakuman hands too. As far as I understand, each of these bonus points can range from 2000-10000 depending on the Championship rules. I have a feeling I’m way off on that last sentence though.

In more recent news, Tsuno also posted a list of optional rules he’s thinking of adding to championship mode, this includes open riichi, yakitori, flower tiles, option to start with 2 dora indicators, wareme and Washizu Mahjong.

Edit: Apparently Tsuno was thinking of adding Aotenjou too but due to 32bit, it’s nearly impossible to have numbers that high. He said something about ‘buu mahjong’ too

-Uma 5-10, 5-15, 20-50
-No Tochuuryuukoku
-Houra renchan
-Add 1500 points to the hand value for each renchan counter (normally 300 points)
-Can go below 0
-Atama hane
-Two aka dora in each suit.
-Noten renchan
-Oya doesn’t change until someone wins a hand
-Open Riichi
-Start with 2 dora indicators
-Can ron on an ankan with kokushi musou
-Kanzen Sakizuke
-Flower tiles
-Other local rules
-Always 2 han Shibari
-Aka dora count as Yaku
-Shizumi Uma (???)
-Return riichi deposits if Ryuukyoku
-Noten payment adjustment
-Can not change your wait after riichi
-Okkurikan Ari (???)

There are some awesome rules that I can’t wait for and some that just sound stupid (aka dora count as yaku!) It would be nice if Tsuno added an aotenjou option too.

11 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken and Flowers

  1. shuugi is a very common rule that appear in almost all Japanese mahjong parblors, even when I played with friends in Hong Kong we adopt this rules too.

    shuugi mahjong encourages reach because you have ippatsu and uradora only when you reach. If you tsumo with ura 2, you gain 6 bonus points (2 from each player), which is an enoumous income. (don’t forget the ordinary hand points that you earn from this winning hand)

  2. Shuugi can also be translated as “tips.” Puro are not offended by shuugi as most parlors use them. Most puro play more with shuugi than with not.

    Shizumi uma is a way of calculating uma by taking into account whether or not a player is above or below genten (original points, usually 30,000). It does not combine with oka;everyone must start with the points that are “returned” at the end of the game. If only one player is above genten, he gets +12, and the losers get -1, -3, -8. Two players above genten goes +8 +4 -4 -8. 3 players above genten is +8 +3 +1 -12.

    Shizumi uma is a good way to vary the rules without adding a big luck element–in fact some might argue that it adds skill. The rule is used in Renmei (“JPML”) A-rules.

    My biggest hope is that tsunoda will change the tsumobo value to 1500. 300 point tsumibo’s are probably the worst element in riichi as it exists right now. All they do is make calculation difficult and intimidate beginners.

  3. Benjamin: I was referring to some English-speaking players who want to remove anything luck related (ippatsu, ura dora, kan dora and even the menzen tsumo yaku) that I’ve seen on the internet.

  4. But…. Renmei rules don’t use Ippatsu, Ura, Kan Ura etc.

    Why the hell are they playing mahjong?

    There’s luck… then there’s luck.

  5. Renmei has more than one set of rules. Their league match rules are the “A-rules” which use none of the ippatsu etc (but do use shizumi). They also have quite a number of tournaments which use “B-rules” which are similar to those used in parlors. When playing for fun, practically everyone in Japan prefers rules that are similar to B-rules.

    “There’s luck… then there’s luck.”

    I don’t think many beginners understand what “A-rules” actually do to the game. If riichi isn’t emphasized, the game becomes remarkably defensive and slow. Strategically they do make the game deeper but frankly if someone’s going to criticize menzen tsumo for being based on luck, I don’t think they appreciate strategy very much.

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