My shimocha had an open pon of haku and chun. Then my kamicha riichi’d discarding a hatsu…


I was happy since I had held on to that hatsu since the beginning of the game

But then Tenhou decided to give both me AND MY SHIMOCHA A HATSU EACH.


At least I was able to finish 2nd though.

6 thoughts on “Eh!?

  1. for this kind of situation, you probably need to watch shimocha every round if he have discard a tile from his hand, in this case you are just being caught.

    I would discard 8s if I noticed 1p is from shimocha’s hand

  2. Bah, Terek did the same thing to me. I guess it would have been safest to deal it early when the chance of him being able to pon is low, but the fear of Pao is powerful. =3=

  3. true cos that makes the oppenent furiten =X. Sadly i dun play tenhou and play janryumon instead. my best yakuman was ziyisou. i would hate to get hit with any =X

  4. @Speedwagon
    If you look at the board, that’s what he did, since the person before him discarded a hatsu. After he did, shimocha got a hatsu and changed his wait. Then Osamu got _another_ hatsu.

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