Delicious Riichi button…must…click…it…

Our anonymous friend over at #osamuko sure loves his Double Riichis. (´_ゝ`)
Replay here.

Official What Would You Discard quiz. Choose wisely.

Also, this is the sorry excuse for a post. Please wait warmly for Osamu’s Guildford report. Maybe I’ll write something up to contribute there too. But first, let’s share the rage and laughs.
While I personally don’t know that feel, he certainly has my condolences.

15 thoughts on “Delicious Riichi button…must…click…it…

  1. noob, obviously you should have picked a 14pin , 47man or 58man wait, i would have gone for 14pin and get an ippatsu with that.

  2. Assuming that I already declared riichi, 9sou – guest winds tend to show up early. Otherwise, I agree with Anonymous #2.

  3. Why would you declare riichi in the first place?
    My answer is: Don’t click riichi, click tsumo and enjoy your tenhou yakuman.

  4. He was obviously so ecstatic about his sudden tenhou yakuman from nowhere that his hand slipped and he clicked Riichi instead of Tsumo.
    PS: Sorry for the necro.

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