[FotM] Civ 4 (Just… one… more… turn…)

So we recently managed to get a relatively large game of Civ 4 together. As it turns out, it’s extremely hard to find a time when everyone is available to play, especially since a good game can take 8+ hours to finish. We did get a couple hours in before people had to leave, so we ended right around the time we were researching Astronomy and Gunpowder (to attack each other, of course). Since it’s near impossible to get the same people together for a decent length of time, and because more people want to get in this, we’ll probably abandon this game and start a new one within the next week or so.

Anyways, here’s a list of who played:

Team 1
11218 as HRE (Yellow)
eirei as Holy Eiropa (Purple)

Team 2
bps as Yugoslavia (Cyan)
umai as DPRK (Dark pink)

Team 3
Flonne as India (Pink)
COOLSAN as Smugcatia (Red)

(Oh yeah, apologies in advance for the language in this post.)

From the start 11218 and eirei usually make a beeline for all the religions, so having these two on a team resulted in some sort of wondrous “holy land”, founding 5 religions and building almost all wonders. With the Holy Roman and Eiropean people basking in culture and luxury, Team 1 managed to set up a lot of massive, powerful cities.

Their headquarters also turned out to be highly consolidated super cities: 11218’s headuarters Aachen with 10 world wonders and 2 founded religions, and eirei’s headquarters Eirome with 8 world wonders and 1 founded religion. Their combined economic and cultural output was a dominating force for most of the game.

Flonne and COOLSAN kept up the competition with rapid expansion. COOLSAN especially focused on building colonists, managing his dominion to send them out in rapid succession.

By the time we ended our game COOLSAN alone had 11 cities, stopping only because he wanted to leave some land left for Flonne. One might argue, though, that building more cities becomes less beneficial after a certain point. Or maybe the Russians just have a thing for cold water ports.

Flonne’s ability to expand quickly might have been hindered by starting on a branch away from the team’s mainland, resulting in very little land to colonize without becoming too distant from the headquarters.

Speaking of which, our team’s island was awful. It was all stretched thin, requiring cities to be great distances from the headquarters, and was positioned so that half of the land was covered in ice and tundra. I got the short end of the island, too, resulting in some cramped conditions once we started to expand.

My Yugoslav comrades kept us going strong, though. They harnessed a large inland sea to rapidly grow the population, and, combined with Tito’s oppressive regime of slavery, their production skyrocketed. They even managed to get a few wonders before 11218 and eirei snagged them. I then wound up buying a Great Merchant off my comrade since my bases were low on nutrients.

Eventually I discovered that 11218 and eirei’s shameless pursuit of “wonders and religions” had made them too bloated and it was high time someone decided to carve them up. So while they were off researching some advanced religious tech, I directed my research towards astronomy and sent a fleet of ships to put an end to their monopolistic grasping. I launched a surprise attack on an isolated city and managed to defeat it with my archers, but some formidable cavalry approached from the mainland and I razed the city to prevent them from getting it back. After being quickly defeated, I retreated to my island to build up another army and prepare to attack one of 11218’s main coastal cities.

And that’s roughly where we ended the game for the night; the final scene looked like this:

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  1. It’s less shameless when you grab everything when we aren’t playing teams, neh?
    Also, I didn’t want that shitty city anyway. It had like 2 hammers that could be harnessed, so I couldn’t build anything with it.

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