WRC seeding for the preliminary round… (tables and stuff)

For those interested in who will be paying who, the staff at osamuko.com would like to both explain how and who will play who, given the drawing mechanism and who got what number.

Essentially, players were divided into 4 groups. Players may not play against other players from the same country, with the obvious exception of Japan (and France to help smooth organization). Players will play each other on locked cycles, where… (more…)

WRC Prep Post

It’s almost here, the first World Riichi Championship. This is a short bloggy post as a prelude to the WRC, maybe there will actually be a report, unlike some other big european  championship that took place last year.

I wasn’t skilled enough to qualify  to represent my country, but apparently I’m cool enough to be invited by the organizers (All thanks to Gemma, I can’t thank her enough). I was told that I wasn’t allowed to represent the UK because they could not give the UK anymore, and I’ll be representing THE INTERNET, which is much cooler! Though as I have an UK flag next to my name I have no idea what I’m representing.

I haven’t played mahjong much lately due to some changes in my life so the next 1-2 days I’m gonna be playing online like mad. In baduk, they say absences only make you stronger, I hope the same applies to mahjong!

In other news I bought a DSLR just for the WRC. It’s nothing fancy and I couldn’t afford any nice lenses but the quality of images should be nicer than the blurry messes I’ve posted before (https://twitter.com/kagakushaa/status/380761676116553728)

This post was gonna be slightly longer but I have to leave for the airport in 30 minutes and I still haven’t packed! orz

【速報】 パリのリーチ麻雀世界選手権大会の情報入ってきました

いよいよ来週はパリに初めてのリーチ麻雀世界選手権大会が開催します。 今までの情報は薄かったけど、今日の中日スポーツ新聞にこちらの特集がありました。 ちょっと遅いですけど遂に日本にも話題になるかな。


スウェーデン・フランスから出身が参戦します。 お楽しみに!





Completely unofficial WRC manner guidelines

It’s less than a week until the World Riichi Championship in Paris will begin, marking an unprecedented clash between some of the best professional players from Japan and others from all over the world. Are you excited? We at osamuko sure are.
We thought it might be a good idea to ease some of the doubts or insecurities players might have in relation to general manner do’s and don’ts and came up with a few points laid out here. Some of them might be common sense but we’ll still mention them because of our experiences in a number of western tournaments.

Reachmahjong already published some very good advice on general Japanese Mahjong manners a while back, make sure you read it. We will reiterate a few important points and add some here.