Equipments for Tokujou

If you are a Tenhou player, you should have known that there are 4 different rooms for 4 different levels: Ippan, Joukyuu, Tokujou, Houou. Before getting to the main parts of this article, let’s see what those 4 levels are about – those descriptions are from the famous Riichi Book I, by Daina Chiba.

1. 一般 (ippan; lower-level room)
This is the only room where you can play initially. Games in this room can sometimes be a bit random, even chaotic at times. Some of the players in this room probably do not understand the rules very well. You very rarely come across strong players here.

2. 上級 (joukyuu; upper-level room)
You can play here if (1) your rank is 1 or higher or (2) you buy a two-month membership.
Games in the joukyu room are more reasonable than those in the lower-level room, but you still see many players who do not defend at all, do meaningless dama / unreasonable riichi, and make serious mistakes in maximizing tile efficiency.

In my impression, games at EMA tournaments most resemble games in the ippan and joukyuu rooms.

3. 特上 (tokujou; advanced room)
Requirements to play in this room are pretty demanding. You have to have a 四段 or higher rank and a 1800 or higher R. The latter requirement is particularly difficult to satisfy for intermediate players. As I wrote above, achieving the rank of 四段 is not that difficult, but satisfying the R ≥ 1800 condition requires that you take mahjong rather seriously. Since weak players are shut out from the tokujou room, games in tokujou are qualitatively different from those in the joukyu and ippan rooms. Games in this room feel similar to those you’d experience at regular mahjong parlors in Japan.

4. 鳳凰 (houou; phoenix room)
This is the highest-level room in Tenhou. In order to play in this room, you have to have all of the following: (1) a 七段 or higher rank, (2) a 2000 or higher R, and (3) a paid membership. Satisfying the first two conditions can be really, really challenging. This is arguably one of the highest-level mahjong locales in the whole world.


The article is mainly for Joukyuu players – my suggestion on what they could do to achieve Tokujou level. Including players that have reached Tokujou but drop back easily. (And yeah, there’d be article(s) about Tokujou players. Probably not as good as this one.)


Good Players Club 7th Grand Champion Cup

Today’s the day; it’s time for Good Player Club’s 7th Grand Champion Cup. We’ve mentioned last year’s iteration in this blog.

Our long-time friend Benjamin Boas is participating as part of the mahjong-loving association Good Player’s Club, home to other famous players like Akagi’s creator Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Obaka Miko’s artist and writer Masayuki Katayama, and other famous figures from not only the mahjong and manga world, but TV and media as well.


Professional Mahjong Commentary on Mondo in English!

MondoTV have uploaded 2 videos with English commentary by mahjong researcher Benjamin Boas and mahjong author Ryan Morris. Benjamin’s contribrutions to the community should be fairly well known to everyone, and Ryan’s less so. Ryan Morris is the author of the excellent but sadly now defunct “Japanese Mahjong for Dummies” guide, he has also wrote several articles in Japanese for Kindai Mahjong.

Please share, like and comment on the video to entice Mondo to create more content in English

Totori-sensei 19 years old wins the first season of Tenhoui vs Renmei

Photo from Ben and Deniz

This year JPML collaborated with Tenhou and hosted a 6 month long Tenhoui vs Renmei pro tournament. The first season used a Tenhou based ruleset with 50/20/0/70 uma, red fives, agari yame and tenpai yame.

Final Playoff Results
Rank Name Tenhoui # Total
1 Totorisensei 19sai 11 204.4
2 Naoki Setokuma N/A 127.6
3 Satoshi Fujisaki N/A 97.6
4 Doppo 3 86.9
5 Shuukatsusei@kawamuragundan 9 73.3
6 Hisato Sasaki N/A 60.5
7 Kanimajin 8 ▲21.6
8 Suzumekureijii 4 ▲83.2
9 Kenji Katsumata N/A ▲271.2
10 Naoya Maeda N/A ▲274.0

The 2nd season will start on the 23rd of December and will use JPML A rules. Yudai Maehara will replace Hisato Sasaki

Tentative Top 16 results from ERMC2016.

Hi there,

We saw a glitch occur on the ERMC website. We are publishing a table of the top 16 as we see them, with no claims on accuracy, quality, or perfection.

Henrik LETH
Sebastian LAVALLEE
Alexander SCHULER
Yixuan Liu
Philipp MARTIN

The Mahjong Meetup episode #7 broadcasts tomorrow

Tuesday, August 23rd, at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time The Mahjong Meetup will return.

Dasuke will recap his mahjong travels in Japan. I’ll talk about running a live tile in person mahjong meetup and further refinements teaching riichi mahjong method.

M-san rejoins us from The Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong dojo.

Please join us!


IORMC Qualifiers (USA / Canada)

The North American Riichi Mahjong Association is looking for players to field teams for the 2016 Interational Online Riichi Mahjong Competition. The nations of the United States and Canada are each looking to assemble teams for the November competition. The competition is hosted via So familiarity with Tenhou’s interface is encouraged.

Registration Form:

To qualify, players must play in at least two out of the four scheduled competitions. Any players may enter in more than two of the schedule. Only the top two qualification scores are considered. So, there is no harm for any player to enter in more than two. US players compete in one set of qualifications, while Canadian players compete in their own set of qualifications. Both the US and Canadian competitions will occur concurrently.

A total of four players per nation will be selected with two alternates. Good luck to all participants.

The competition schedule is as follows:
* September 17
* October 1
* October 15
* October 29

The times for each tryout competition is still pending.

The 2016 Interational Online Riichi Mahjong Competition is the sixth international team competition hosted by the Korean Mahjong League (KML). With each iteration, the competition has been growing year after year. The previous year hosted 6 national teams. This year, at least, thirteen teams are slated to participate. For more information on the IORMC itself, see here:

The IORMC is scheduled for November 5 @ 11 AM UTC, which is 4 AM Pacific time or 7 AM Eastern time.

To anyone unfamiliar with the Tenhou interface, instructions may be found here:

On behalf of NARMA, we express our thanks to the Korean Mahjong League for hosting the IORMC.

Osamuko OTP Tournament

The 23rd of July will the next instalment of tournaments by the osamuko discord be delivered and this time it’s an Open Pair Tournament. Where each game will be a battle between two teams in the form of a double elimination tournament for maximum excitement.

As we expect participants from all around the globe has two qualifications been decided. These will be in the form of danish swiss and will be between 3 and 6 rounds depending on the count of registrants. Registration is now open here and we need your registration before the 21th! For those who cannot find a teammate, feel free to seek us out in the #event channel on the discord.

Qualification 1 July 22nd 19:00 July 23rd 02:00 July 23nd 11:00
Qualification 2 July 23rd 03:00 July 23rd 10:00 July 23nd 19:00
Double Elimination July 23rd 16:00 July 23rd 23:00 July 24th 08:00

* Lobby C31949612 on tenhou
* Start and target score : 25,000
* Uma [5/5/5/-15]
* Aka ari, 1 red five in each suit
* Tobi ari, busting results in automatic loss for the team
* Agariyame/Tenpaiyame nashi, last dealer must continue their wind
* Shaaba nashi, no west round

EDIT: Uma has been updated.

Some updates;
The registration has been closed and the team list is as follows:

Qualification 1 [challonge], 3/6 will qualify:
* Tenhou doori no Kaidanjitachi; FKMTクレイジ, Hereford
* Osiris; わざα, bk201
* S’pore Cali Connection; DogBite, 241
* Nagoya; omasakun, 7
* Neptunia; Harmonix, unione
* Takoyaki; Nate., toast

Qualification 2 [challonge], 4/8 will qualify:
* Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies; SCOTLAND, 二階堂夢乃
* Lion’s Ridge; 天下無双, Rinshan7
* Princess Debut; 原外桃, Jiemei
* NoticeMeTenpai; Tinecro, Guriido
* 双箭刻; LuckSack, MrFeng
* Irodorangers; 石壁, むいれうぇっど
* BlueHairBoys<3; KajzerJ, d(0.0;)b
* I know kan fu.; Skor, (/_;)

The best non-qualifying player from both qualification will be picked for last qualification slot.

Qualification has ended:

Tenhou doori no Kaidanjitachi Princess Debut
Neptunia NoticeMeTenpai
Takoyaki BlueHairBoys<3
双箭刻 I know kan fu.

  • 双箭刻 won the cross qualification with only a few more points than their main challenger S’pore Cali Connection

Challonge for the elimination round can be viewed here.

PML Riichi Mahjong Open 2016

The Pacific Mahjong League (PML) hosts the first international PML Riichi Mahjong Open 2016 tournament in San Francisco, California. Join us for an intense weekend of riichi with the pros and compete for one of NARMA’s spots in the World Riichi Championship!

Meet, greet and beat players from all over the world! The PML Riichi Mahjong Open has confirmed guests from all over the world, including top players from Japan and United States. US-based USPML (New York) and of course PML (California) will be in attendance! Limited space available – 48 slots for all tournament players including pros and invited special guests.

Full Event Details:

Limited spots!  Registration Closes September 4th at 6pm Pacific!

San Francisco Int’l Airport Holiday Inn – 275 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080

World Riichi Championship Seat

Win the tournament and win one of the first available North American seats in the World Riichi Championship 2017.

3 Riichi Pros

Jenn Barr, JPML

Garthe Nelson, JPML

Benjamin Boas

12 Auto-Tables

Play on the brand new AMOS REXX fully automatic mahjong tables. 6 AMOS REXX and 6 Chinese automatic tables will be provided for players.