Tournament rulesets must be simple

This article of mine was well-received on #osamuko this afternoon. As recommended by osamu, I’ll cross-post it here. :-)

Why game rulesets for tournament play must be simple

This post was inspired by a discussion during the EMA RCR rules revision (Japanese mahjong tournament rules). However, you don’t have to play the game to understand this, this is general ruleset design.

Here are reasons why simplicity is an important design goal.


Blunt but honest mahjong discussion

It is not unusual that people ignorant to certain aspects of a topic will speak about them anyway. This is usually what an opinion is, and people feel a need to expose their opinions in public for different reasons. By extension, it is only natural they they will communicate such views online as well, on blogs or forums. However, sometimes, if what they are exposing doesn’t fulfill certain standards of “correctness”, they will get called on it by someone. At that point, a number of things may occur:


Playing a good game, and losing

“I didn’t deal in even once, and still got fourth.” “The other three people totally sucked, but I ended up last.” “I played a perfect game, and I still lost!”

Yeah, hold it right there. I think you’re overestimating yourself. Or at least, you’re not looking at your game objectively. From the moment you think you didn’t make any mistakes, you’re just fooling yourself.





Lack of French oversight relating to Mahjong gambling

Hello, again!
I found a site thanks to one of my feeds that was talking about legalized mahjong gambling (at talking about and ). OK, so I check the site itself, and it is saying that you can gamble on solitaire Mahjong (commonly called Shanghai, Taipei, since it’s anything but Mahjong). Let’s do some basic investigation! (more…)

A Little Introspection

Hi guys, Tacos here, self-appointed editor of the blag. I had some free time recently so I’m doing some catching up, and I’d like to sort of talk about where we are right now, with regards to the blog and its content. If this sounds familiar, you can relax, we are not shutting down or downsizing.

When we started out, the whole enterprise was pretty much without direction, with a vague idea that it would be funny if Osamu became e-famous in internet-land. Once every few days weeks, we would just open up the page and bang out some random stuff on the off chance that people would find it interesting or funny. Perhaps we were lucky enough to fill a niche, maybe some people like what we do, but at the end of the day it’s nice to see that people visit our blog every day and read our rantings and ravings.