Upcoming (online) tournaments

1.Summer Global Open (finished)
(or Winter if you are in the southern hemisphere)

It’s an open tournament, so everyone can register, provided that they are available at the designated time.

Info: http://tinyurl.com/summerglobalopen
Register: https://goo.gl/forms/UoKpGQeo3wIhNz4Y2
Tournament room: http://tenhou.net/0/?C10350560
– Group A: 1:00 UTC June 10 (until ~5:00)
– Group B: 13:00 UTC June 10 (until ~17:00)
– Final: 16:00 UTC June 11 (until ~18:00)

The tournament has finished. Congratz to tateniu for their victory!

2.The Invitational

Planned time: July 1st

Same as last year’s Osamuko Invitational, some of the best players in the English-speaking community will be invited to participate in this tournament. More info (players and teams) would be updated later.

[cross post] International Mahjong Battle @ RTD

(Photos and various parts of this post are from http://mj-news.net/game-app/2017022860658)

in October of 2016, after finally planning my first ever trip to Japan with Daniel Moreno of PML, I emailed Shingo Tsunoda, creator of the online mahjong game Tenhou.net, to ask when the next Tenhou Real Trial would take place, however he did not know so I instead asked him if he would like to play mahjong with us. The original plan was just to meet in a Jansou and rent a table for a few hours but Tsuno had a different plan. He instead rented 3 tables at the RTD (Riichi Tsumo Dora) Lounge, a jansouesque lounge set up by Saikouisen professional Toshimasa Chou whose aim was to create a space to play mahjong that does not have the bad connotations that jansou have.


Osamuko Invitational

Hello there, next weekend will a few of us at osamuko discord arrange a team tournament because, well, yeah, way too few tournaments and leagues going on online right now. The format is 4 rounds of 4 games where the first three are an incomplete round robin and the final game is then paired by current position just like the IORMC.

The tournament is an invitational as we wanted to try and test how this works before eventually doing more tournaments later. There will be teams selected by classic captain picking before the tournament so yet we have no clue on how fair or unfair the teams will get. zawa zawa

  • 13:00 GMT 2nd of July 2016
  • 4 teams of 4 players
  • 4 hanchan rounds
  • Lobby C48833576 on tenhou
  • Start and target score : 30,000
  • Uma [30/10/0/-40]
  • Aka ari, 1 red five in each suit
  • Tobi nashi , no busting out
  • Agariyame/Tenpaiyame nashi, last dealer must continue their wind
  • Shaaba nashi, no west round

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that we don’t have any planned streams but we do encourage anyone to join the lobby here, stream and commentate.

Some updates;
The playerlist is confirmed and the captains have made their picks.

  • Squid Squad; starfire, dynaman, ron⁵ and mou
  • Saturn癒し系高校; Iapetus, yazphier, xGeo and Niko
  • We don’t actually play this game; Dasuke, Mikoto, shinkii and fso
  • The Ladies’ Team; Jiemei, WhITelion, Kyuu and HondaMio

Tournament scores and bracket spreadsheet is prepared and can be viewed here.

English Online Mahjong Events

PML Mugboney Mug

After 4 long months the PML Mugboney Mug Team tournament finally ended, the winner was Team /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ (Pronounced ‘keiyaku’). The tournament had 20 3 player teams, and was sponsored by the Pacific Mahjong League and wixoss.org. This was the 2nd tournament organized by the Bugmoney team, for more events organized by them please keep an eye on bugmoney.me!


The 3rd season of the World Riichi Mahjong League is nearing the end with 1 week remaining. Puyo (8D) is currently leading with a whopping 377.3 while 2nd and 3rd have 199.8 and 197.9 respectively

Full scores are:

Rank Name Points
1 Puyo 377.3
2 Benawii 199.8
3 Osamu 197.9
4 Cliff 138.9
5 xkime 111.5
6 XSA -28.9
7 fallensoul -93.8
8 Muller -110.8
9 Yazphier -122.6
10 oldpier -221.3
11 Kyuu -227.5
12 selfeater -300.5

The final games take place this Sunday (OR Saturday if you’re in North America) at 6AM UK time and the winner will take home $100. There will be a livestream at http://www.twitch.tv/worldriichi.

The WRML are also looking for players for the next season, if you’re interested and are 4dan or higher on Tenhou, you can register your interest here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xWRW6RliO-14Uafd13HmuSUN2IDiw0EEKDTj2NYy_9Y/viewform

Tenhou Event List for August


[Event Name] Theories from the Demon of Tenhou
[Description] Shibukawa Namba-pro (kyoukai) streams for Tenhou players
[Date] 16/08/2014 20:00 – 22:00
Demonic gameplay & game analysis
[Broadcast] http://ch.nicovideo.jp/ch2525293
[Sponsor] Tenhou


[Event Name] Benikujaku Cup ~Let’s become at least a bit better than yesterday~
[Date] 23/08/2014 18:00 – 26:00
[Prizes] 1st: Event Ticket + Photo with 3 people at the event + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
2nd: Event Ticket + Benikujaku Original Goods + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
3rd: Event Ticket + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
4th-10th: Event Ticket + Benikujaku Original Goods + 60 days of tenhou premium
Event info (Japanese): http://8141.info/benikujaku/%E3%82%A4%E3%83%99%E3%83%B3%E3%83%88%E6%A1%88%E5%86%85
[Rules] 4 Player Hanchan, kui ari, aka nashi. Final score is your best run of 5 hanchans.
25,000 Start, 30,000 Return, Uma: 10-30
[Participation requirements] At least 3 days of premium needed to enter
[Tournament URL] http://tenhou.net/0/?00112233
[Sponsor] Benikujaku

Guest List:

Osaki Hatsune
Oukawa Non
Mizuhara Akina – 3zu
Natsumi Hisako – こばまるくん
Sugimura Emi – 杉村えみ
Mizuki Eri – 水城恵利@雀姫
Higa Hidehito – 比嘉秀仁
Iichi Yuuta – 昆虫さん
Okubo Takahiro – おおがきらあ
Kihara Kouichi – 【罪歌】
Nagano Shouichi – 藍原☆延珠
Kurobuchi – 黒渕メガネ
Tsunakawa – なんなんだー
Tamon – 僕の鳥あげる

Hanamura Miyoko
Kurita Yasuhiro – おじお
Takatsuka Shigeki – 高塚茂樹
Kawakami Takashi – 東野川くん

Shimode Kazuhiro – μしもで
Muku Daijyuu – 椋大樹

Sakurako – さくらこ
Mechazetton – メカゼットン

Student Mahjong League:
Nonomiya Riichi – ハマー


[Event Name] Tenhou Meijinsen

[Date] 4th Tenhou Meijinsen Session 3 – 29/08/2014 20:00

[Hosts] Kobayashi Misa, Kouno Takashi (RMU), Nakagawa Shou (RMU)

[Participants] Kobayashi Gou (Mu)
Ishibashi Nobuhiro (Saikoui)
Ooi Takaharu (RMU)
Shibukawa Namba (Kyoukai)
Fukuchi Makoto (Jangoro kyoukai)
ASAPIN (First Tenhoui)
すずめクレイジー (Fourth Tenhoui)
太くないお (Houou table representive + Fifth Tenhoui)

[Rules] 4 player tonnansen, kuitan ari, 3 aka dora, sudden death nashi
30,000 start and 30,000 return, buttobi ari
Uma: 1st +50, 2nd +20, 3rd ±0, 4th -70

[Broadcast] http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv188508733

[Sponsors] Marchao
Mahjong mu

【速報】 パリのリーチ麻雀世界選手権大会の情報入ってきました

いよいよ来週はパリに初めてのリーチ麻雀世界選手権大会が開催します。 今までの情報は薄かったけど、今日の中日スポーツ新聞にこちらの特集がありました。 ちょっと遅いですけど遂に日本にも話題になるかな。


スウェーデン・フランスから出身が参戦します。 お楽しみに!