Pechorin Style Doctrine

Do you ever feel like Tenhou is designed just to hold you back and that this game sucks, you have bad luck, you must be weak and you will never progress to the next dan (or kyuu) level? Then there is something wrong with your soul. You should read this.

I found this amusing post in Pechorin’s blog some time back, and even puyo posted a portion on his. I have been wanting to translate it for a while. These “commandments” are great for self encouragement and reassurance. Certainly fitting for pechorin (I recommend you follow him on twitter if you can read what he says). Let’s rejoice in wisdom.


Tile Efficiency 101 (Part 2)

The last post on tile efficiency was kind of basic, so today’s article now introduces the concepts we are going to use in the future articles. Especially, Shan-Ten (how many away), Uke-Ire (the amount of tiles that move you one shanten closer to tenpai) and Good Shape Evolution (when your hand will evolve towards good shape). So, enjoy.


Tile Efficiency 101 (Part 1)

This is xKime, aka Kimecchi. Just another online mahjong player/writer from the depths of, Janryuumon, RonRon, Toupaiou, Saki’s website, and pretty much any other mahjong playing system you can find out there, trying to improve his level and learning on the way. Not godly, not completely idiotic, going up one step at the time. This time, I come to talk to you about 牌理 or “tile efficiency.” From the very basics, going into more delicate problems. A great skill to have at the time you encounter a “What Would You Discard” problem.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Defense Guide part 2: Kabe, Saki-giri, and Dama-ten

Here’s another basic Mahjong strategy known as Kabe, plus Dama-ten and Saki-giri which you can use against slightly tougher opponents.

Yo, this is UmaiKeiki again. If you are reading this, it means I actually made more of my defense guide (a surprise, I know). This is a continuation of my previous post which you should probably read first. I apologize if this turns into another novel/tl;dr/wall of text/whatever.


UmaiKeiki’s defense guide — Betaori and Suji

A guide to useful Riichi Mahjong strategy, such as discard reading and how to avoid dealing into hands.

What’s up. This is UmaiKeiki, a Mahjong fan with a shorter attention span than that of a dog with ADD.

Some time ago I set out to write one of my Mahjong-addict buddies a guide to defense strategy. Once it was about half finished, something shiny caught my attention and the guide was long forgotten… One day Osamuko mentioned that she wanted to put something about Suji reading on here; I remembered that old guide and offered to revive it into blog form. This whole fetus is what I recovered off my old computer — I make no guarantees that it doesn’t suck horribly.

Brace for tl;dr!