Actual Mahjong News Post 6-10-2010

Woa, I intended to make this post ages ago. Unfortunately my computer broke and then I got lazy. But yeah, we do plan to continue this feature at somewhat regular intervals.

And in case you’re wondering, this is exactly the kind of valueless content a previous post was criticizing. The distinction here is that this material is screened to be “valueless but amusing”. I mean, are there a lot of people who want to hear a report of a suicide in China where it’s mentioned the guy had a family member who played Mahjong? Probably not. Would people get a kick out of hearing someone made a body pillow designed after former Ukrainian PM Julia Timoshenko’s appearance in Mudazumo? You bet!

Yeah, we sure are classy. :V

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This Week in Mahjong News 22-7-2010

This blog might not have tons of updates, but that doesn’t mean the editors aren’t out keeping tabs on the Mahjong world. There are plenty of items that are of minor interest, but nobody feels the need to take the time to write an entire post about them. I thought I’d start collecting them so that you too can keep up with all the LATEST HAPPENINGS in Mahjong. Or maybe it’ll just provide some brief amusement when you’re bored and looking for a distraction.

* These items won’t always be “news” as you might have known about them for a while now.

* These updates aren’t guaranteed to be on a weekly basis.

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