Benjamin Boas Leads in First Session of Good Players Club Tokyo Chomeijin

About GPC
Good Players Club is run by Katayama Masayuki and Baba Hirokazu and organizes public leagues and tournaments throughout Japan. Anyone who is a ‘productive member of society’, not a Jangoro (basically a hardcore mahjong gambler) and agree with their charter:

1: Good Players appreciate their opponents.
2. Good Players only criticize themselves.
3. Good Players have good humour.

are able to join.

In addition to their public leagues, they have a Chomeijin League in Tokyo and Kansai that’s only open to celebrities.

GPC 2015 - 1 out of 9 Sessions Played
Rank Name Total Games Played
1 Benjamin Boas (Mahjong Researcher) 152.4 4
2 Daisuke Takahata (Sega) 125.9 4
3 Koshiba Tetsuya(Mangaka) 87.7 4
4 Kazuhiko Tsuchiya(Announcer) 79.1 4
5 Hirokazu Baba(Writer) 57.4 1
6 Nobuyuki Fukumoto(Mangaka) 39.8 4
7 Nao Oikawa(Actress) 29.9 4
8 Tsuyoshi Koyama(Voice Actor) 28.4 4
9 Shinichi Oota(Keirin Cyclist) 24.1 4
10 Mitsuki Kono(Igo Professional) 18.8 4
11 kouji Shinasaka(Mangaka) 14.8 4
12 Manabu Senzaki(Shogi Professional) 2.4 2
13 Yoshitaka Munehiro(Horse Racing Pundit) -4.5 3
14 Keiji Hanasaki(Author) -40.9 1
15 Tomihiko Tokunaga(Sriptwriter) -56 4
16 Ryan Morris(Translator) -59.4 4
17 Masayuki Katayama(Mangaka) -60.1 2
18 Hiroyuki Murta(Mangaka) -82.2 4
19 Ginji Hideo(Singer) -153.6 4
20 Eri Mizuki(Substitute) -216 3

Full results:

English Online Mahjong Events

PML Mugboney Mug

After 4 long months the PML Mugboney Mug Team tournament finally ended, the winner was Team /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ (Pronounced ‘keiyaku’). The tournament had 20 3 player teams, and was sponsored by the Pacific Mahjong League and This was the 2nd tournament organized by the Bugmoney team, for more events organized by them please keep an eye on!


The 3rd season of the World Riichi Mahjong League is nearing the end with 1 week remaining. Puyo (8D) is currently leading with a whopping 377.3 while 2nd and 3rd have 199.8 and 197.9 respectively

Full scores are:

Rank Name Points
1 Puyo 377.3
2 Benawii 199.8
3 Osamu 197.9
4 Cliff 138.9
5 xkime 111.5
6 XSA -28.9
7 fallensoul -93.8
8 Muller -110.8
9 Yazphier -122.6
10 oldpier -221.3
11 Kyuu -227.5
12 selfeater -300.5

The final games take place this Sunday (OR Saturday if you’re in North America) at 6AM UK time and the winner will take home $100. There will be a livestream at

The WRML are also looking for players for the next season, if you’re interested and are 4dan or higher on Tenhou, you can register your interest here:

The secure league lobby is… secure!

For those of you wanting to avoid playing with undesirable people, there is a SECURE LOBBY for the league at this URL:

We can control who can and can’t play there.

7447 is not our lobby, it’s just a defacto English lobby. We can’t control anything of what goes on in there.

If you want to be 100% sure you won’t meet disagreeable people, arrange a game at the secure lobby.

That is all.

WAML Season 1 is underway

Hello to everyone on Osamuko! Most people are aware of the World Amateur Mahjong League’s ongoing effort to create a mahjong league on Tenhou that you are free to participate in. We have had 2404 games played over 2 months, with 117 people playing over 20 games each. (We had something like 550 unique IDs take part). Thanks to everyone! New players are always welcome to join at any time.

Original post

In case there was any confusion concerning the league start date, it was for January 1, at 0000JST. The final tables for wildcard promotions are on the 5th at 2200GMT (6th at 0700JST). For those, you have to be present in the IRC channel at the designated time.

For everyone and everything else, playing Season 1 games is just like playing Season 0 games: just show up in the 7447 lobby on Tenhou and play hanchan games (right side) in the following modes: ari-ari (2nd), ari-ari + red (3rd), as well as ari-ari + red + fast (4th). League rankings as usual can be found here.

Quick reminder:

  • You still need 20 new games to keep your place in league from now to the end of February. You must use a Tenhou handle, the same one for things to count.
  • New players with 20 games will rise to C-level in Season 2.
  • Top quarter promotes, bottom quarter demotes.
  • There will be wild card tables at the start of March for Season 1. Those for Season 0 are this Saturday.

The point calculations are slightly more complicated, compensating for playing with higher-rated players or not. I’ll explain more in a future post on this week. The calculations are already properly made on the ranking pages.

kbk48… Our first cheater

It is not a musical group composed of 48 girls from Kabuki-chou; in fact, it is just one sad cheater with quite a few accounts. One player, kbk+ has been using alternate accounts to assist himself (in a stupidly obvious way)  to win games at 7447. After losing a streak of games (because, quite honestly, he sucks at mahjong, life, and everything else), he decided to find his own way to win. Making sub-accounts like “geodude3” and “Broseph” to hand himself all tiles he needed. The problem is, our dear friend is too stupid to realize we can see his games and will can his ass.

If you are the cheater, kbk, read until the end. I have a message for you at the end of this post!

Right now WuMingZe is in a game with him just to catch him red handed once more.

This came to my attention during a visit at Brazilian anime forum, Minna Suki, where other players of the league were talking about their games with him. After further researching the content of his games, I found (and then posted in IRC) some discards that were getting increasingly suspicious, such as these:


League info and updates

Hello again, welcome back to the Osamuko-sponsored World Amateur Mahjong League. In 40 hours, we’re already generating a lot of traffic to Lobby 7447. Just tonight, we had 4 tables running with 9 more idling, for a total of 25 users. Fantastic!

I have a quick update for your information: score updates will be done at at a rate of 3 times a week, or when humanly possible. I plan to have a first release within 24 hours. Some players already have 9 games in, and at least for the preliminary session, there is no upper limit. Play often, win often!

WAML presents League Ranking!

The World Amateur Mahjong League presents the preliminary season of League Ranking.

Players able to rack up points in Lobby 7447 will contribute to their standing. At the end of the preliminary season, we will have the first free international ranked leagues, enabling people to track their progress, and compete for the title of World Amateur Mahjong Champion.

What’s the catch? What is the guarantee that this won’t fail?
This system cannot fail, as participation is directly rewarded. With the exception of Championship matches for the top 3 ranked players and the previous Champion, scheduling is irrelevant. The people who play more will edge out those who do not. The catch is that scores will be calculated from the brute scores, rather than the net scores (Finishing with 23300 (after the placement bonus) will net you 23 points, not -7), putting pressure on players who do not participate enough.

What do I need to do to participate?
Join Lobby 7447 and play regular hanchan games (Ari-ari hanchan with red fives or not, buttons 2, 3 and 4 on the right.) with your Tenhou handle. We do all the rest. (more…)

Awesome #mahjong League 1, Session 3

We’re still scheduled for tomorrow night. I will draw up the matchups later. Some might play other people again. but I have the day off to figure this out. If you were on in the earlier session last time, you’re still on early, lates on late. If you can’t make it or need the other time slot, let me know ASAP.

Matchups are done! Hasu, if you can read this, tell me you’re alive…


Awesome #mahjong league 1 – Session 2 INFO.


The new seed has been established. Group C has one pair of players seeing each other again. Lists were generated pseudo-randomly as before. I also took into account the preferred session, the only people who have crossed over are people who said they were really OK with switching to either (me, eirei, and xKime… osamu and XshinjiX are at the same as last time). I also have to talk to Trantez if he wants in on a more regular basis or if I have to hire a stunt double from the crowd. (more…)