#osamuko Swedish Riichi Tournament Report Compilation

As announced a while ago, a couple of #osamuko IRC denizens gathered in the Nordic city of Linköping for the Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2013, a small 16-players tournament in mid-February. And it turned out to be quite a successful weekend for some of them.

We’ve compiled a bunch of reports and impressions from the attendants, check our stories (in alphabetical order) below:

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Upcoming tournament in Sweden

Want to witness the genuine and ultimate osamuko Mahjong experience with sweaty tiles, smoky air and fingers in grave danger? Or alternatively (wannabe) little girls with mahjong superpowers? Yes, you sure do, right? Right?! (Yes drob, I’m looking at you specifically.)
Then hurry up and sign up for the upcoming Swedish Riichi Mahjong tournament in Linköping on the 16th of February:


No less than 7 #osamuko regulars, including Sir Osamu himself already signed up and will battle it out in this tournament and over the weekend in private.

Let’s get ready for some extra subara~ games!

Guildford Tournament 2012

Next week a few members will be attending the UK Open Riichi Tournament in Guildford and, because some of us (just me) are not used to playing in real life we’re going to create a TRAINING CAMP a day before the tournament.

We haven’t found (or even looked) a suitable place yet so more details will likely be available on short notice, sorry! If you’re interested in joining us or have recommendations for a suitable place to play then leave a comment or come to the IRC channel, #osamuko@irc.rizon.net.

Phoenix Tournament Hannover 2011 report

Hello there, Riichi mahjong fans from over the world! It has been over a week since another EMA tournament was held. Me, my Slovak mahjong mates and two other #osamuko residents – s25k and ron5 – took part in it. The latter two guys had it easy, since they are from Germany, and the tournament was held in Hannover. But the six of us had to take a nice 9 hour trip from Bratislava. But what wouldn’t one do for the chance to play mahjong with other real life people.

We arrived on Friday evening, after a nice drive through the Czech republic and half of Germany. We met our host, s25k, on a parking lot of a local Lidl store in his hometown, ~60km from Hannover. We did have his house in the GPS, but somehow we still managed to get lost. We had pizza for dinner and played a few practice hanchan in his room, filled with animu posters, figures and vinyl records. I already sensed something is not right with my play – I won both hanchan at s25k’s homemade table. This wasn’t good – from my experience, usually when someone plays well the day before a tournament, they won’t fair well on it. But I didn’t let something like this silly superstition get the better of me. I can do this, right? Right??

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Tournament Experience Report: Oranda Saikou 2011 in Utrecht – Partie #1

Good evening everyone, this is s25k speaking!

It’s been ages since the tournament and I’m finally going to give you some of my impressions of this weekend.

The Oranda Saikou in Utrecht (17.-18.9.2011) was probably one of the tournament highlights in Riichi-Europe this year: 2 days, 9 rounds, 68 Participants from 10 different countries – and 4 #osamuko users.

The venue: the "NDC Den Hommel"

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Graz Open Riichi 2011

Here I am again, with another real life tournament report! Also, fourth post on Osamuko in the past 7 days? Is the end of the world near? Well, this was my third riichi mahjong tournament, and the furthest too. It looks like the more tournaments I go to, the more distant the venue is. Anyway, after Baden, where our Slovakian team played pretty well, we decided to go to Graz – a nice town in the southern part of Austria.

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Riichi Baden Open 2011

Hi there, here I am again with another tournament report. Sorry for the delay, I was out of country with no internet access (except for ridiculously expensive 3G roaming).

As you might have noticed, the first riichi tournament of 2011 has already been held. It happened on the 12th of February, in a small town of Baden in Austria. The tournament was organized by Alexander Doppelhoffer, and 24 players took part. And of course, as last time, our Slovakian team couldn’t resist. As you can see on the official report page, we secured 6 seats out of 24. International attendance was great, with players from eight countries doing their best. It seems that the European Riichi scene is starting to gain traction, which is really positive.

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Austrian Open Riichi Tournament in Vienna report

The Austrian Open Riichi Tournament is a riichi mahjong event that takes place in Vienna, Austria (doh). This year it was the third time the KASU club organised it with great success – it was the first time it filled up all 32 available seats. Me and my fellow mahjong players from neighbouring Slovakia have had it in sight for some time, and decided to take part. From 32 participants, we took 7 seats, which made us the second largest country by attendance (nothing special, with only 2 other people from some other country – Britain’s Gemma Collinge and Italy’s Paolo Silvestri).

It was a first time for all of us to attend a mahjong tournament. We regularly meet and play together, but it really doesn’t compare to this. We also play using a bit different rules (open tanyao, classical scoring etc.), so we had to adapt our style of play to these circumstances. I’ll try to describe the tournament as we saw it, with emphasis on how I played. Prepare for a wall of text. Read More