2015 UK Riichi Mahjong Open Results (Day 2 Final Results)

Edit 18/08: UKMA have uploaded the rankings to their website (http://www.ukmahjong.co.uk/results.html), however there seems to be a few errors in their table. Differences from the table below and the ‘official’ table:
Paola Bungaro: 109900 -> 110600
Nick Dyer: 89800 -> 57900
Junichi Tanaka: 37500 -> 30500
Takao Sasaki: 34500 -> 30500

2015 UK Riichi Mahjong Open
Rank Name Day 1 Day 2 Total
1 Peter Langford 166900 95800 262700
2 Yihe Lu 74600 152900 227500
3 Jasper Germeys 135300 79900 215200
4 Philip Bielby 234600 -33100 201500
5 Gemma Sakamoto 45000 97100 142100
6 Martin Lester 145800 -29100 116700
7 Paola Bungaro 49600 60300 109900
8 Katie Lau 54900 35300 90200
9 Nick Dyer 1000 88800 89800
10 Timur Hahn 13200 74200 87400
11 Daina Chiba 19300 49100 68400
12 Philipp Martin -12300 68200 55900
13 Andy Mathew 39500 14000 53500
14 Junichi Tanaka 115000 -77500 37500
15 Takao Sasaki -39100 73600 34500
16 Tim & John (sub) 48000 -18600 29400
17 Dominic Saxton -36700 56700 20000
18 Tom Wood 30700 -10800 19900
19 Kimihito Tanaka -14200 32200 18000
20 David Bresnick 13800 -5300 8500
21 Aidan Robison -31600 35200 3600
22 Max Bowsher 35100 -48100 -13000
23 Radka Pernicova 74100 -95200 -21100
24 Filip Navratil -71300 44000 -27300
25 Katharina Schatz -111700 79300 -32400
26 Sonia Yagi -27000 -15700 -42700
27 Michael Donaghy -22700 -26000 -48700
28 Martijn Gulmans 39800 -93400 -53600
29 Mark Haines -87100 22600 -64500
30 Shaun Drury -52100 -36700 -88800
31 Ian Fraser -84900 -18900 -103800
32 Jem Short -97600 -8100 -105700
33 Alex Leet -99000 -11300 -110300
34 Richard Langtry 22700 -155800 -133100
35 Hanqian Ren -53000 -83100 -136100
36 Mike Short -94900 -41600 -136500
37 David Stallan -40800 -100700 -141500
38 Susan Cumming -100800 -46100 -146900
39 Peter Muriel -139000 -81500 -220500
40 Andrew Smith -143100 -122600 -265700

Yazphiers view on Swedish Open 2014

Unsure if I should write anything or not, but as nothing seemed to be under discussion, I decided to write my view on this tournament in similar fashion as my previous posts. This was the second tournament that my local club arranged and even if I was not an officially announced organizer, I did appoint myself some of the chores and I will not be able to keep an objective view.


Hot off the presses: Swedish Riichi Open 2014 results

The Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2014 has concluded, with 36 participants from at least 4 countries. We have the results, and we also have some information regarding the two seats that Sweden has been allocated for the WRC2014 in Puteaux, France later in July.

Paraphrasing Yazphier, Sweden has chosen to allocate the two seats separately: one is given to the best Swede who performed at the tournament below, and the other is given to the best Swede in the EMA rankings after this event. There is some uncertainty as to who is actually going as many people have signaled not knowing if they can go, and others who have notified the event organizers (dunno if it made it to the Swedish org) that they will be unable to attend. Both seats are awarded independently: if Anders Ye cannot go, it will be the next best Swede at the SORMC2014. Likewise, the EMA ranking’s seat may shuffle downward accordingly. The seat will transfer to the other qualification method only after all options in one list are exhausted.


Super-Late WRC Editorial

When I was asked to write about the WRC 2014 rules, I knew someone would be in for it. I don’t envy the people in charge of setting largely arbitrary rules. A lot of the time it’s a choice between A and B, each with their own pros and cons, if you choose A, some people will want to know why you didn’t like B, choose B and you will find out A has some kind of previously nonexistent fan-club. It’s not easy to walk the fine line between wanting to give a good impression to the visiting Japanese pros, having a fair tournament and wanting players from all over Europe to enjoy playing in a major international event.


Warsaw battles

Not even a week has passed and I find myself standing at Skavsta airport once again, this time accompanied  with my roommate, Hiki, heading for some battles in Warsaw. A few hours early, as usual, Hiki complained about nothing to do, not my fault he didn’t bring anything. Personally I finally started grinding Final Fantasy II on my just repaired PSP.


Yazphiers trip to Paris

Leaving home for mahjong tournament in Paris, some snowflakes, 40 minutes early. Bus arrive and leaves on time. Lucky as the bus to Arlanda was 2(!) hours late due to the weather, I mean fuck, I wouldn’t even call this snow. Apparently a lot of trains were also canceled.

On the bus, playing some ketsui doing some minor progress after getting used to the bumpy driver. But ends up seasick after a good 50 minutes. Try to get some sleep.

Apparently southern Sweden has been struck by the storm, Sven.


Berries and Boss Fights in Bad Vöslau

Let us know if they are safe to eat If you’re a follower of our humble blog, you’d know that the Osamuko community has a solid and active European contingent, who frequently get together on the EMA tournament circuit. Indeed we’ve collected a rather respectable array of tournament wins and rankings, that I’ve often thought it would be nice, if a little show-offish, to have a page celebrating all the accomplishments and loot we’ve hauled back from our conquests. Earlier this week our motley crew headed to picturesque Austria to show them some of our own architecture, the magnificent pon palaces and chi castles that litter the little Tenhou lobby we call our own.