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Minor update: Thanks to some recent fixing by Osamu you can now add comments on the guide pages themselves. Well, if the need to strikes you, of course, it-it’s not like we did it so we can read your feedback!

Hello there! We have created a beginners guide to online mahjong, so please check it out! The links to it are in the sidebar. One thing we noticed a lot was beginners wanting information on how to start playing, and we had nowhere to point them. You could either give them huge collections of links like some kind of internet riddle game, or just tell them to play online until they figured it out for themselves. Fortunately now we have a simpler option, and you can start your journey right here.

In completely different news, a list of Yakuza 3 trophies has appeared on the internet. This list is lacking the mahjong trophy and some others (shogi, cabaret trophies etc). Hopefully this means they haven’t cut out mahjong completely for whatever reason.

Also, in the Japanese blogosphere (笑) there has been talk about whether or not Tsunoda should allow people to watch dan games in real time, but I could reading this wrong.

Finally NISEMARU2009 has posted a trailer for mudazumo. You may watch it here

11 thoughts on “Beginners Guide and News(!?)

  1. I’ve only had a skim-through, but as far as I’ve read, I really like the beginners guide. It’s something that’s been sorely needed for a while, and time-consuming to put together. Kudos, you guys.

    I noticed there was a mention of doing revisions later, and I realize this might sound ridiculous from your point of view, but have you considered doing a more formal version? I’m desperate for a good beginners’ site to link people to on the real-world side of things, but text using words like “suck”, “retarded” and so on make it really difficult to recommend outside of certain areas of the internet.

  2. I see what you mean, but chances of that are extremely slim. It took osamu almost 24 hours to write this news post. We have some unpublished articles that date back 6 months. And in the near future I will have to stop doing whatever I am doing and make myself do another couple hundred words on tile efficiency and how to form yaku and when to call tiles, part 2 is so bad right now. I don’t even want to visualize writing that stuff.

    Realistically speaking you could consider copying it wholesale and sanitizing it yourself, although if I recall correctly it’s pretty socially acceptable, albeit casually written. Perhaps I am deluding myself, but I would like to imagine it is our casual writing style that sets us apart as more human and personal and bloggish. Extra personality means more swearing than substance. But on the other hand the personal connection level is a tad higher. This is the key.

    What this all really means, though, is that you should just buy them Jenn’s book.

  3. Looked through the rules page and couldn’t find the answer to this. If all four players call riichi and the round ends in a draw, are the hands revealed afterwards? The same question could also apply to four kans.

  4. Four riichi calls and four Kans (if they’re spread among multiple players. If one person has it, it is a Yakuman.) Are abortive draws in and of themselves.
    In the case of four riichi calls, the hands must be shown to avoid penalty, but need not be shown in the case of four Kans.
    Err, I think so, someone back me up on this?

  5. The “General Laws of Mahjong” page is helpful in making judgements on technicalities. Here’s what it says:

    “9. If a DRAWN ROUND occurs, the 1,000 paid points remain on the table and anyone who has declared RIICHI must show their hand.”

    Like Eric said it’s mainly to prevent people from declaring fake riichis to force a ryuukyoku. Tenhou enforces this as well:

    (turn hand tile display OFF from the Player menu)

  6. “(Maybe I should hold off on publishing this until after the European championship?) TACOS: I doubt they’ll be reading this guide.” (Beginners Guide 3 Part, Drob)

    I will be there too, and I´m reading this…

  7. that’s okay, I’ll just kick you in the groin before the match.

    Or it could be that playing in EMA is so utterly different that it won’t make much difference whether you’ve read it or not. Besides, chances of us ending up at the same table are pretty small.

  8. I really guess that reading this doesnt help you playing an EMA tournament!!!

    But chances arent that bad, about 25%. You play 7 tables with 3 opponents each = 21 and there are only 80 players. Maybe your groin kick will help…

    But we´ve already met once…

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