No-Riichi Japanese Mahjong pt1

I decided to play some games with a limit placed on me, I wasn’t allowed to riichi.

[04/10] 再生 Asomu(-1) (∵)ex(-11) 快清(+36) すここんち(-24)
[04/10] 再生 Asomu(+3) 酒達磨(-13) あん、らめぇぇ!(+31) daljyyy(-21)
[04/11] 再生 Asomu(-21) 哀☆戦士(+34) NoName(-15) ルドルフ皇帝(+2)
[04/11] 再生 Asomu(-28) ahopon(-2) NoName(-16) Gimite(+46)

I’ll play some more games later and add even more limits, just for fun.


Hey, this blog is currently kinda dead so I’ll be doing something that I can atleast update weekly or biweekly.

I’ll be starting a new ID on tenhou and logging the progress, kinda like what a lot of Japanese bloggers do. I’ll try to get at least 10 games a week, I can probably do that in a day though.

Expect shitty stats soon as I lose from the other players’ skill luck.


Update: Actually, I’ll give an update every 10 games or so.

Update2: Screw that, I’ll update when I feel like it.