WRC Prep Post

It’s almost here, the first World Riichi Championship. This is a short bloggy post as a prelude to the WRC, maybe there will actually be a report, unlike some other big european  championship that took place last year.

I wasn’t skilled enough to qualify  to represent my country, but apparently I’m cool enough to be invited by the organizers (All thanks to Gemma, I can’t thank her enough). I was told that I wasn’t allowed to represent the UK because they could not give the UK anymore, and I’ll be representing THE INTERNET, which is much cooler! Though as I have an UK flag next to my name I have no idea what I’m representing.

I haven’t played mahjong much lately due to some changes in my life so the next 1-2 days I’m gonna be playing online like mad. In baduk, they say absences only make you stronger, I hope the same applies to mahjong!

In other news I bought a DSLR just for the WRC. It’s nothing fancy and I couldn’t afford any nice lenses but the quality of images should be nicer than the blurry messes I’ve posted before (https://twitter.com/kagakushaa/status/380761676116553728)

This post was gonna be slightly longer but I have to leave for the airport in 30 minutes and I still haven’t packed! orz

Which pros are going to the WRC?

People who have been waiting anxiously for the list of professionals who will be attending the World Riichi Championship need wait no longer! List can be seen at http://www.wrc2014.com/inscription.php after clicking the dot on Japan.

I have copy and pasted the list below, but I think copying and pasting a list instead of just linking to the list is lame so I’ll be adding notes beside names. The notes will take a while because the list is quite large!


Kakigi Kentaro C1 League
Toshimasa Cho


Takeo Kojima 9 Dan. founder member of the Japan Professional Mahjong League
Shigekazu Moriyama
Yudai Maehara
Masayoshi Ara
Satoshi Fujisaki
Yuukou Itou
Takahiro Fujiwara
Kazunori Takizawa
Hiroshi Yamai
Masao Kuroki
Masatoshi Sarukawa
Hisato Sasaki
Masaharu Tomotake
Hiroyuki Yamada
Kansuke Sugiura
Sawazaki Makoto
Naoki Setokuma
Yukio Yoshida
Kouhei Ide
Takashi Furuhashi
Kazuhiko Nishijima
Norio Iga
Aki Nikaido
Rumi Nikaido
Yukiko Izumi
Miyauchi Kozue
Yurika Aoi
Hengfang Wang
Nao Ogasahara
Ikuko Tsukie
Yumi Uotani
Mari Takamiya
Sakiku Tezuka
Rio Tojo
Jun Nishikawa
Kenneth Tokuda Shodan
Mito Ryousuke 5 Dan



Kajita Ryouichi – MJ5 profile
Kihara Kouichi – blog twitter
Osaki Hatsune – blog twitter
Nagi Yonesaki – blog twitter
Kiriyama Noriyuki


BabaHirokazu Mahjong writer Babi-puro unfortunately can’t attend the tournament. He will be replaced by:
Nakamura Tsuyoshi


(We’re talking pros here, right.)
Osamu – twitter

Unofficial LIVE WRC 2014 NA Qualifier Rankings

Just posting this to beat USPML/whoever at the rankings

Stream link:  http://www.twitch.tv/uspml

Player 1st game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 2nd game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 3rd game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 4th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 5th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 6th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score Tenhou Total Qualifier Total
Drballon 54 34 14 14 14 14 1 1 63 43 -28 -18 118 88
JoeyV -23 -13 52 32 72 52 -22 -12 -52 -42 59 39 86 56
SakiTaco -18 -8 -15 -5 51 31 -20 -10 25 25 2 2 25 35
鳳雛ちゃん -23 -13 -43 -33 51 31 52 32 51 31 -24 -14 64 34
Panda84 6 6 49 29 -49 -39 -36 -26 42 22 41 21 53 13
Dasuke -33 -23 51 31 -43 -33 6 6 8 8 4 4 -7 -7
ThomasR 47 27 9 9 14 14 -33 -23 -37 -27 -35 -25 -35 -25
治子37―564 -49 -39 -16 -6 -22 -12 52 32 10 10 -24 -14 -49 -29
RJAlpha 18 18 -37 -27 0 0 -19 -9 -36 -26 13 13 -61 -31
綾人神名 41 21 -24 -14 -19 -9 51 31 -45 -35 -37 -27 -33 -33
Scott -29 -19 -50 -40 -23 -13 5 5 -14 -4 46 26 -65 -45
tadaru復活 9 9 10 10 -46 -36 -37 -27 -15 -5 -17 -7 -96 -56


The Disqualification of Horiuchi

The big news in the mahjong community this week is the disqualification of Horiuchi from the judansen.

In East 4, Horiuchi was tenpai with

1p2p3p7p8p9p2s3s2z2z Chi: 3m1m2m,

he draws a 3s and sighs then he slams the 3s from his hand (karagiri). Setokuma then reaches tenpai and discards a 1s, Horiuchi went on to win the game but was disqualified after the game for “shamisen” (“Bluff” maybe?)

video of the proceeding http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1384591266

Horiuchi admitted on twitter that he did sigh and slam the tile (“The problem in question was, my breath got a little strong during a showdown and I accidentally used too much force with my hand”) .

Marchao Master League Season 2 #15

Following the success of the mahjong stream last week, the English niconico team are going to make an English room for all Marchao Master League. Like last week, the streams will have no English commentary however,  I believe there have been some talks at Alban to create a stream with English commentary. Until then though, I urge everyone to show interest for this by watching and commenting or reserving a timeshift (free members can reserve up to 10 shows). It’d also be cool if everyone showed their support by thanking @niconicoen on twitter for setting this up.

Starts 19:00JST


Mahjong on English Niconico

The English Niconico site have set up an English viewing room for the next Marchao Master League session at 7pm JST on Thursday. I think it’s just a place for westerners to comment and there won’t be anything special like English commentary but if it does well I’m sure there will be more mahjong stuff for us.

niconico blog url: http://blog.nicovideo.jp/en_info/2013/04/post-039053.html
niconico stream url: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv131262553

By the way, they have translated “日本プロ麻雀協会” (Japanese Professional Mahjong Association) and “最高位戦日本プロ麻雀協会” (Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong Association) to just “Japan Professional Mahjong League”. They’re different organizations and not connected to Renmei/Japan Pro Mahjong League.

Guildford Tournament 2012

Next week a few members will be attending the UK Open Riichi Tournament in Guildford and, because some of us (just me) are not used to playing in real life we’re going to create a TRAINING CAMP a day before the tournament.

We haven’t found (or even looked) a suitable place yet so more details will likely be available on short notice, sorry! If you’re interested in joining us or have recommendations for a suitable place to play then leave a comment or come to the IRC channel, #osamuko@irc.rizon.net.