Professional Mahjong Commentary on Mondo in English!

MondoTV have uploaded 2 videos with English commentary by mahjong researcher Benjamin Boas and mahjong author Ryan Morris. Benjamin’s contribrutions to the community should be fairly well known to everyone, and Ryan’s less so. Ryan Morris is the author of the excellent but sadly now defunct “Japanese Mahjong for Dummies” guide, he has also wrote several articles in Japanese for Kindai Mahjong.

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Totori-sensei 19 years old wins the first season of Tenhoui vs Renmei

Photo from Ben and Deniz

This year JPML collaborated with Tenhou and hosted a 6 month long Tenhoui vs Renmei pro tournament. The first season used a Tenhou based ruleset with 50/20/0/70 uma, red fives, agari yame and tenpai yame.

Final Playoff Results
Rank Name Tenhoui # Total
1 Totorisensei 19sai 11 204.4
2 Naoki Setokuma N/A 127.6
3 Satoshi Fujisaki N/A 97.6
4 Doppo 3 86.9
5 Shuukatsusei@kawamuragundan 9 73.3
6 Hisato Sasaki N/A 60.5
7 Kanimajin 8 ▲21.6
8 Suzumekureijii 4 ▲83.2
9 Kenji Katsumata N/A ▲271.2
10 Naoya Maeda N/A ▲274.0

The 2nd season will start on the 23rd of December and will use JPML A rules. Yudai Maehara will replace Hisato Sasaki

Bots on Tenhou? More likely than you think!

Inspired by Shogi’s ‘Denousen’, a niconico sponsored AI vs professional tournament, Tsunoda has posted on Tenhou’s blog a few months ago that he wanted to hold similar tournaments.

While bots were previously banned from Tenhou, with permission from Tsunoda, programmers may now allow their bots to play in joukyuu, and must also wait for Tsunoda’s permission before letting it run loose in tokujou if it reaches that level.

Bots have a special prefix “ⓝ”, which stands for Nonplayer, to distinguish them from players. There’s currently one bot that I know of, ⓝ爆打. It peaked at around 5D R1850~ but has recently fell to 4D R1780~ and Tsunoda is still unsure if he should allow it to enter tokujou. Naoki Mizukami, The author of 爆打, has wrote a few papers (in Japanese) about Mahjong AI, these can be read on his site. All of the bots games can be viewed at

Tohai S1 is completely subbed!


Tohai Season 1

xkime previously subbed episode 1 of the live action adaptation of Shinasaka’s Tohai manga, since then he has moved on to subbing it on Rakuten’s (free) streaming service viki and has just finished subbing the final episode of season 1.

Season 2 is also available here some of the episodes have been subbed by someone else, but I think the subtitles need a bit of editing before they become watchable.

Benjamin Boas Leads in First Session of Good Players Club Tokyo Chomeijin

About GPC
Good Players Club is run by Katayama Masayuki and Baba Hirokazu and organizes public leagues and tournaments throughout Japan. Anyone who is a ‘productive member of society’, not a Jangoro (basically a hardcore mahjong gambler) and agree with their charter:

1: Good Players appreciate their opponents.
2. Good Players only criticize themselves.
3. Good Players have good humour.

are able to join.

In addition to their public leagues, they have a Chomeijin League in Tokyo and Kansai that’s only open to celebrities.

GPC 2015 - 1 out of 9 Sessions Played
Rank Name Total Games Played
1 Benjamin Boas (Mahjong Researcher) 152.4 4
2 Daisuke Takahata (Sega) 125.9 4
3 Koshiba Tetsuya(Mangaka) 87.7 4
4 Kazuhiko Tsuchiya(Announcer) 79.1 4
5 Hirokazu Baba(Writer) 57.4 1
6 Nobuyuki Fukumoto(Mangaka) 39.8 4
7 Nao Oikawa(Actress) 29.9 4
8 Tsuyoshi Koyama(Voice Actor) 28.4 4
9 Shinichi Oota(Keirin Cyclist) 24.1 4
10 Mitsuki Kono(Igo Professional) 18.8 4
11 kouji Shinasaka(Mangaka) 14.8 4
12 Manabu Senzaki(Shogi Professional) 2.4 2
13 Yoshitaka Munehiro(Horse Racing Pundit) -4.5 3
14 Keiji Hanasaki(Author) -40.9 1
15 Tomihiko Tokunaga(Sriptwriter) -56 4
16 Ryan Morris(Translator) -59.4 4
17 Masayuki Katayama(Mangaka) -60.1 2
18 Hiroyuki Murta(Mangaka) -82.2 4
19 Ginji Hideo(Singer) -153.6 4
20 Eri Mizuki(Substitute) -216 3

Full results:

Unified Mahjong Terminology

Every time a new mahjong site pops it, it seems a new set of terminology is invented. To stop confusion we at Osamuko have created a new set of terminology for Japanese Mahjong. We will be updating all our posts with it in the coming years. We hope that other sites will also use it, but they probably won’t. Below is the list in Kanji – Romaji – UMT order

吃 – チー – chi – eat
碰 – ポン – pon – bump
槓 – カン – kan – bar
栄 – ロン – ron – glory

立直 – riichi – stand straight
七対子 – chiitoitsu – seven pairs
流し満貫 – nagashi mangan – drained slam
門前清自摸和 – menzenchintsumohou – doorfront pure self pick win
一発 – ippatsu – one shot
海底撈月 – haiteiraoyue – pull moon from the bottom of the sea
河底撈魚 – houteiraoyui – pull fish from the bottom of the river
嶺上開花 – rinshankaihou – flower blooms on mountaintop
搶槓 – chankan – snatched bar
双立直 – daabururiichi – double stand straight
平和 – pinfu – flat win
一盃口 – iipeikou – one cup mouth
三色同順 – sanshokudoujun – three colors same arrangement
一気通貫 – ikkitsuukan – one breath pierce through
二盃口 – ryanpeikou – two cup mouths
対々和 – toitoihou – matched win
三暗刻 – sanankou – three hidden quarters
三色同刻 – sanshokudoukou – three colors same quarter
三槓子 – sankantsu – three bars
断么九 – tanyaochuu – snapped terminals
役牌 – yakuhai – position tiles
混全帯么九 – hunchantaiyaochuu – mixed all carrying terminals
純全帯么九 – junchantaiyaochuu – pure all carrying terminals
混老頭 – honroutou – mixed old men
小三元 – shousangen – small three origins
混一色 – honiisou – mixed one color
清一色 – chiniisou – pure one color
国士無双 – kokushimusou – patriot without parallel
国士無双13面 – kokushimusoujuusanmen – patriot without parallel 13 faces
四暗刻 – suuankou – four hidden quarters
四暗刻単騎 – suuankoutanki – four hidden quarters single mount
大三元 – daisangen – big three origins
小四喜 – shousuushi – small four happinesses
大四喜 – daisuushi – big four happinesses
字一色 – tsuuiisou – characters one color
清老頭 – chinroutou – pure old men
緑一色 – ryuuiisou – green one color
九蓮宝燈 – chuurenpoutou – nine lotuses and treasured lanterns
純正九蓮宝燈 – junseichuurenpoutou – perfect nine lotuses and treasured lanterns
四槓子 – suukantsu – four bars
天和 – tenhou – heavenly win
地和 – chihou – earthly win

English Online Mahjong Events

PML Mugboney Mug

After 4 long months the PML Mugboney Mug Team tournament finally ended, the winner was Team /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ (Pronounced ‘keiyaku’). The tournament had 20 3 player teams, and was sponsored by the Pacific Mahjong League and This was the 2nd tournament organized by the Bugmoney team, for more events organized by them please keep an eye on!


The 3rd season of the World Riichi Mahjong League is nearing the end with 1 week remaining. Puyo (8D) is currently leading with a whopping 377.3 while 2nd and 3rd have 199.8 and 197.9 respectively

Full scores are:

Rank Name Points
1 Puyo 377.3
2 Benawii 199.8
3 Osamu 197.9
4 Cliff 138.9
5 xkime 111.5
6 XSA -28.9
7 fallensoul -93.8
8 Muller -110.8
9 Yazphier -122.6
10 oldpier -221.3
11 Kyuu -227.5
12 selfeater -300.5

The final games take place this Sunday (OR Saturday if you’re in North America) at 6AM UK time and the winner will take home $100. There will be a livestream at

The WRML are also looking for players for the next season, if you’re interested and are 4dan or higher on Tenhou, you can register your interest here:

Tenhou Event List for August


[Event Name] Theories from the Demon of Tenhou
[Description] Shibukawa Namba-pro (kyoukai) streams for Tenhou players
[Date] 16/08/2014 20:00 – 22:00
Demonic gameplay & game analysis
[Sponsor] Tenhou


[Event Name] Benikujaku Cup ~Let’s become at least a bit better than yesterday~
[Date] 23/08/2014 18:00 – 26:00
[Prizes] 1st: Event Ticket + Photo with 3 people at the event + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
2nd: Event Ticket + Benikujaku Original Goods + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
3rd: Event Ticket + Signed Coloured Paper Thing + 90 days of tenhou premium
4th-10th: Event Ticket + Benikujaku Original Goods + 60 days of tenhou premium
Event info (Japanese):
[Rules] 4 Player Hanchan, kui ari, aka nashi. Final score is your best run of 5 hanchans.
25,000 Start, 30,000 Return, Uma: 10-30
[Participation requirements] At least 3 days of premium needed to enter
[Tournament URL]
[Sponsor] Benikujaku

Guest List:

Osaki Hatsune
Oukawa Non
Mizuhara Akina – 3zu
Natsumi Hisako – こばまるくん
Sugimura Emi – 杉村えみ
Mizuki Eri – 水城恵利@雀姫
Higa Hidehito – 比嘉秀仁
Iichi Yuuta – 昆虫さん
Okubo Takahiro – おおがきらあ
Kihara Kouichi – 【罪歌】
Nagano Shouichi – 藍原☆延珠
Kurobuchi – 黒渕メガネ
Tsunakawa – なんなんだー
Tamon – 僕の鳥あげる

Hanamura Miyoko
Kurita Yasuhiro – おじお
Takatsuka Shigeki – 高塚茂樹
Kawakami Takashi – 東野川くん

Shimode Kazuhiro – μしもで
Muku Daijyuu – 椋大樹

Sakurako – さくらこ
Mechazetton – メカゼットン

Student Mahjong League:
Nonomiya Riichi – ハマー


[Event Name] Tenhou Meijinsen

[Date] 4th Tenhou Meijinsen Session 3 – 29/08/2014 20:00

[Hosts] Kobayashi Misa, Kouno Takashi (RMU), Nakagawa Shou (RMU)

[Participants] Kobayashi Gou (Mu)
Ishibashi Nobuhiro (Saikoui)
Ooi Takaharu (RMU)
Shibukawa Namba (Kyoukai)
Fukuchi Makoto (Jangoro kyoukai)
ASAPIN (First Tenhoui)
すずめクレイジー (Fourth Tenhoui)
太くないお (Houou table representive + Fifth Tenhoui)

[Rules] 4 player tonnansen, kuitan ari, 3 aka dora, sudden death nashi
30,000 start and 30,000 return, buttobi ari
Uma: 1st +50, 2nd +20, 3rd ±0, 4th -70


[Sponsors] Marchao
Mahjong mu