Amazon tenbou pack review

At time of writing, this is the only complete tenbou pack purchasable on website. Link to product and pictures follow.

You can buy a set of 88 tenbou from here.

For £10.95 (Free delivery on orders over £20), the set includes;
x4 10,000
x8 5,000
x36 1000
x40 100
A total of 88 tenbou.
This gives the option for players to play with either 25,000 or 30,000.
Total cost works out to 0.12GBP per tenbou.
With that in consideration, I would say that’s actually expensive.

You can see in the pictures, there were some tenbou that had extra dots and the paint wasn’t exactly within the circle.






2 thoughts on “Amazon tenbou pack review

    1. There are
      37x 1000
      8x 5000
      4x 10 000
      40x 100

      I didn’t notice any missprints or ink out of place or anything like this

      With 4 dice this looks definitely like a better set, tho the price got higher in the meanwhile.
      There’s also a separation in the middle of the box, so this could work as a way to put the sticks of the players if you buy 2 of them? not really handy tho.

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