1. Always attack, unless you should be defending.

2. Always defend, unless you should be attacking.

3. If you are an expert like me, you can even try attacking and defending at the same time.

4. Only deal tiles that other players cannot use, or you will be helping them form their hands.

5. When other players are in tenpai, it is important that you do not deal into their hands.

6. Make other players deal into your hand by waiting on unexpected tiles.

7. Always score as many points as possible.

8. Win as many hands as you can.

9. It is silly to call tiles when you can always draw it yourself anyway.

10. Do not discard tiles nobody has discarded, or that anybody has discarded early, mid, or late game. If possible you can consider not discarding at all. But it’s a double-edged sword. I can’t recommend this to amateurs.

11. Always remember what your tiles look like, in case of sudden blindness.

If you are an expert player you are welcome to leave any of your own tips.


  1. If, while executing your strategy, you happen to find any legal winning hand whatsoever, declare “Ron” or “Tsumo” instantly, NO EXCEPTIONS

  2. These tips are way too advanced for me. I will stick to cutting 3p for a while.

    Only go for quick hands when you are the oya, so you can retain the dealership. The only exception is when you are the ko, in which hase, you must only go for quick hands, so you can get your turn as oya faster.

  3. If you plan to win a hand, don’t call any tiles and instead wait to draw them yourself. If you don’t plan to win a hand, call every tile possible so you can be Tenpai faster.

  4. You people play online too much. You forgot the best tip:

    –During the deal, take an extra block of four tiles and put it in your lap. Go for 7 pairs.

    You would be surprised at how well this works.

  5. @Moku
    They say don’t fish while your house is on fire, as your house will burn down and you will have no where to cook your fish. I say, fish for the biggest fish you can when your house is on fire, since you will have a fire big enough to cook a whale.

    Also oddly applicible proverbs:
    Don’t throw an egg at a wall
    Big dragons never die DAISANGEN
    Proverbs only apply to Kyu players

  6. Fukuchi’s best Mahjong advice is: Don’t play Mahjong. Ever. As it will ruin whatsoever is left of your life.

    And it’s probably the best mahjong advice out there. Ever.

  7. If you’re in Kokushi Musou tenpai, and you’re missing the haku because it’s dead, just draw any tile and erase its contents with your thumb. Declare tsumo. This requires epic strenght.

  8. alternatively, erase every tiles contents with your thumb. Declare tsumo. If you did it right, you get a dora72 in addition to your tsuuiisou,suuankou.

  9. 1. Japanese mahjong is not a kang mahjong. this is speically appliable for 3 man mahjong. Pung more, but kang less, unless you are having a huge point gap.

    2. mentally winning the other players and you are physically winning the other players.

    3. plan ahead before you are going to attack or even defense. Avoiding gambling with tiles.

  10. Before you cheat, make sure to take into account how many people are in the room, who has guns, who has knives, etc.

  11. ALWAYS declare riichi. Sometimes even if you aren’t tenpai. The whole table will respect you more, and you’ll show you have the bigger balls.

  12. Tim Kish Says:
    February 13th, 2010 at 5:43 am

    If, while executing your strategy, you happen to find any legal winning hand whatsoever, declare “Ron” or “Tsumo” instantly, NO EXCEPTIONS

    Nop, I disagree with this. I didn’t declare a ron from a player because I was in second place but if I took the ron from him I would have still taken second place as the player would have gone into the negatives thereby ending the game. In the end I had to either tsumo (which I did and didn’t put him into the negatives), or take it from any other player.

  13. @Anonymous

    All I read was “blah blah blah I do this and I’m so awesome.”

    >So you agree with all the other tips?

    He obviously doesn’t really get it. But you have to admit most of the tips are pretty much convincing, especially “If you have 356p, cut 3p.” Pro stuff.

  14. Vocal exercises will allow your cries of “TSUMO!!!” to be heard from a much greater distance. This will win you much respect.

  15. always count your tile!!!!! i cannot stress this enough. make sure you had more than 13 tiles in your hand

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